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When it comes to selling your property, research has shown that first impressions really do count. Most buyers will form an opinion within the first 15 seconds of entering a property. Sometimes there are several small improvements a seller can take to ensure that the snapshot of the property that is seen by buyers is one that attracts them towards the property.

A lot can be achieved by transforming the personal aspects of the house. We are all the same when we are looking to buy a property,  when we view we envisage ourselves and our family living there. If possible to help the buyers create their visions we would recommend that a positive and warm atmosphere is created within your home.  This does not mean that the whole property needs re-decorating or modernising,  it can simply be a few little things that will help.

Kingswood Property Services
Kingswood Property Services

We have collated a number of simple tips to potentially help when marketing your property:

Try Not to Be Present for Viewings: Research has shown that over 60% of potential buyers prefer it if the owner isn’t present for viewings. By not being present it will  help the potential buyer feel as if the property is theirs and also gives them ample opportunity to build their own opinions. The potential buyer will feel free to ask any questions to us as agents and they’ll feel less pressured to be polite which will lead to honest feedback. The property can also appear larger and more spacious with fewer people present.

If, however, you are unable to leave the property during viewings, try and make the potential buyer feel as welcome as possible. For example, offering them a tea or coffee and ask them if they’d like any further information about bills or the local area.

Kerb Appeal:  A number of potential buyers will drive past the property to check it out prior to an internal viewing. The outside of your property will be the first thing a potential buyer sees, so try to make it as clear and appealing as possible.

Create Space: If possible, store unnecessary furniture and toys, etc. away to create an impression of space even in the smallest of properties. 

Organise Rooms:  A property will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose and this allows buyers to see the full potential the property has to offer.

Lighting: Take advantage of natural light. Pull curtains back, open blinds and remove net curtains to allow as much light as possible into the property. This has been shown to make the property appear larger and homelier to potential buyers.

Flowers: Flowers and a bowl of fruit can brighten up a room whilst also providing a pleasant, welcoming smell.

Revitalise Rooms:  A bathroom with a green leafy plant, a new shower curtain and a light pull. All these items can be picked up cheaply from DIY shops.

Smells: Smoking and other bad smells are the number one most off putting factor to potential buyers. Make sure your home is well aired so it smells as fresh and clean as possible. Empty any ashtrays and leave them outside. Although not necessary, it can be a nice touch to put out some air fresheners for when potential buyers view.

Pets: If and when possible, ask friends or family to look after any pets and put feeding bowls, beds and litter trays away during viewings.

Gardening: Mowing the lawn can be a last minute and easy pick me up for any property. Feeding it a couple of weeks before marketing the property will brighten it up and make it look healthy, no matter the time of year.

Finish off small DIY jobs: Touch-up chipped woodwork and replace washers on dripping taps.

We would also recommend the following:

Get Financially Qualified If Buying Another Property: Ensure you’re financially qualified and set a budget for your purchase. If you need a mortgage to purchase your property, we’d advise that you’re financially qualified and you speak to your current lender or an independent financial advisor.  Either your lender or an advisor should run through a budget planner with you detailing approximate costs of selling and buying and taking into account any savings and equity in your property you may have. Costs to consider will include solicitors charges, stamp duty, mortgage arrangement fee, valuation fee, surveys, estate agents fees and removal costs.

Once you have a budget planned you set economical levels before looking at properties and accepting any offers for the sale of your property.  

You can contact your current lender and other banks and building societies directly, or if you would prefer you can speak to our independent financial advisor in our office in Bordon or he can visit your property free of charge.  Our advisor can compare hundreds of different mortgages and rates on your behalf and help you make the decision that is right for your personal circumstances.

Get Legally Prepared Early: By instructing a solicitor when you first start marketing your property can save time when you accept an offer and you find a property you like. It’s often best to find a solicitor or licensed conveyancer through a recommendation. If you choose a solicitor, make sure they specialise in property. Conveyancing has a bit of a reputation for slowing down the home-moving process, but If you choose a good firm this is less likely to be the case. As agents we can assist you to get quotes from solicitors and conveyancers that we use frequently or have used in the past.

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